Guide Me

A guide to the FASHION FANZONE communities features and functions.

The Basics

Style Points:

-Point system awarding positive fashion attitude.

-All positive activities will earn Style Points



– In app virtual currency points.

– Generated from activity and spendable for spotlight features (and more to come..)



– Awarded for special milestones or custom fashion achievements.


I really Love:

– Since we all LOVE FASHION we named the default way to post content to your followers “I REALLY LOVE”.


Fashion Fanzone Navigation


Top Navigation:



Main Navigation at bottom of screen:

-Home screen for Fashion Conent

-Add post from phone gallery.

-Add post from app camera.

-Explore and Search for content.

-My own Fashion Fanzone profile.




Content navigation

For You: Selection of spotlight, editorial and your community.

Editorial: All editorial posts.

Community: Posts from your Fashion Fanzone friends and connections.

Title – Caption – Feature

Add title and caption to the post

– Add a nice title and descriptive caption to your post

– Searches for posts and trending topics find words in both titles and captions.

– Optionally you can use #tags in both caption and title.

– Use #tags to connect with and create trends.

– Tag other users with @user tag.




Feature your post in Spotlight!

– Feature your best posts with spotlight!

– The featured post will be visible to all user in the fashion fanzone community.

– Each spotlight post will “cost” timilit points.

– Timilit points are earned through in-app activity such as for example posting, commenting, liking.

– Timilit points will later also be available through PRO subscriptions.




Home and Explore Screen

Home Screen

When login in you will be met by the Fashion Fanzone Home Screen, the Fashion Content hub!

Showcasing content for you:

– Spotlight Posts

– Fashion Editorials

– Your Fashion Community


– Search for Editorials, posts and Users

– Discovery mode before you enter search showing latest content

Post Types

Fashion Fanzone News

– Important information and announcements.

– Latest Community news.

– Announcing competition winners.

– Special Fashion Fanzone offers.

– Partnership opportunities.

Spotlight Posts

When adding a post to Spotlight you will share it across the entire Fashion Fanzone community. All users will see your and other spotlight post for a 24 hour period.

– Section to feature best contet.

– All Spotlight posts visible to all Fashion Fanzone members.

– Spotlight lasts 24 hours.

– Becomes norma post after the feature period.

– Spotlight feature is paid with Timilits, a virtual point system earned from activity.

Feature your best content in the Spotlight!







Editorial Articles:

Specially curated Articles and Fashion News from Fashion Fanzone partner magazines!

– Awesome Fashion reads

– Latest News

– Best Styletips

– Fashion Portraits

– Trend discovery




Community Posts

-Showing posts from friends and connections you follow.

-Giving you a quick way to catch the latest fashion inspirations, from your favourite fashion Professionals and Enthusiasts!


Image from Camera

– After capturing an Fashion Moment with the in app camera you will be taken to the darkroom image editing suite.

– Add images from gallery or go straight to publish

– More editing options coming soon!




Adding Images from phone gallery

– By clicking on the darkroom menu button you can add images from your phone gallery

– Add image to a collage or slideshow.

– Publish image to “I really Love” (we all love FASHION!!) or your favourite group shared with your friends.




Create Compilation

– By selecting several images you can create a collage or slideshow in the “compile function”.- By clicking on the darkroom menu button you can add images from your phone gallery

Posting Groups

Collaborate with your friends and followers!

– The default and public “I really Love” group will will easily share your post to all your followers,

– Posts added to “I really Love” will also be visible in searches and to people who visit your profile.

– If you have created a group, it will be in the middle scroll menu. You can select who can see the posts and who will be invited to post in the group.

– If you have accepted an invitation to a group from someone you follow it will show on the bottom “Posting Groups” menu.

– Posting groups can be a great way for businesses to allow their employees to post through the main business channel.

– Posting groups can also be used to run competitions. Like the official Fashion Fanzone competitions.

Create a group and invite your followers.

– When creating a group you can invite either all your followers or specific users that follow you.

– Create a group for you and your friends specific interests, such as a group for accessories, shoes or tops.

– Set up competitions for all your followers to join.

– Create a private group with your best fashion friends.

Accept group invitations from users you follow.

– Users you follow can invite you to their posting groups

– Delete posting groups that you have created.

– Please note that it is the owner of a group that controls the viewing permissions.